Changing Lives for offenders through Catering

Over the past year we have revaluated our focus and aims, which has allowed us to change the way we offer our catering projects.

Since opening our community café HMP Munchester, which has now been operating for the past year, our main focus has been on employing offenders that are working towards their last months of their sentences.  Offering paid work placements. Training support has been provided, and the qualifications that will be used in the future. Serving freshly made food daily.

Hidden in the grounds of HMP Rochester our Café has been themed around Monopoly. Our green building boasts a covered decked area, which allows us to service 35 seated covers, plus a takeaway service. 

Our Café provides a safe haven for all to use while visiting HMP Rochester.

  1. Availability of refreshments and fresh food for all visitors and staff on arrival at the prison and throughout the day.
  2. Catering services for external businesses and organisations. Providing bespoke buffets.
  3. Delivery service 


The café generates much needed surplus to fund the work at Construct A Future do.

Construct A Future works in partnership with HMP Rochester, HMP East Sutton Park, to provide this valuable opportunity for offenders to gain experience working in our different enterprises.

We also owe a debt of thanks to Wates Family Enterprise Trust that has provided much needed funding to bridge the gap in our enterprise returns and costs of delivering these programmes.

We welcome any funding and support.