On a beautiful day in September nearly 200 people gathered at Buckmore Park to take part in a two hour endurance race. The 31 teams came from very different organisations including contractors, manufacturers, building supplies, public sector organisations and other like minded charities.

Unfortunately for us just before qualifying, it rained making the track like a skating ring.

Once qualifying was over and the race began the track started to dry and the competitive spirit came out along with a record number of black flags. (Black flags are warnings for bad driving).

HMP Rochester had a team out “Jailhouse Rocks” coming a very credible 15

out of 31 teams completing 89 laps in the two hours and got just one black flag on their last lap. The team must have had one good driver as their best lap 52.739 just 0.7 seconds behind the fastest lap on the night.

Construct a Future had a few teams out on the night full of supporters and staff achieving 8th place for their Captain Slow team and a 22nd place for Captain fast team.

A Wates Construction team were the eventual winners “in surveyors we trust” completing a staggering 99 laps.

The best news is that we manged to raise £15,000 towards the work that Construct A Future does with HMP Rochester and Cookham Wood and we can look forward knowing we have resources to carry out our work which is to find sustainable employment for offenders on release from prison.