Getting You Work Ready For The Construction Industry

Construct a Future offer a proven training programme that enables the learner to get their CSCS card while still serving their sentence.  We are able to provide a three or five day training programme.

Specifically designed for offenders that are preparing for release. They can complete their Health and Safety Level 1 & CSCS card whilst still in custody. This card is a passport that enables them to work in the Construction Industry.

The Advantages

A paper based test

No need for Learners to be transported to a test centre.

No added security and logistical challenges getting the test bus into your Establishment.

Fully accredited CSCS card which can be handed to the offender on their day of release

Experienced Trainers that have the experience of working with offenders


How it Could Work For You!

We can provide candidates with a 3 or 5 day programme including pre-employment assessment followed by intensive Health and Safety training with a paper based CSCS test (including card) and a career planning session.

The programme is designed for ten to twelve learners.  All we need is willing candidates, a suitable classroom with a computer. All presentations will be transferred to a memory stick.

All our staff have experience of working in the custodial sector and are skilled at working with groups in the custodial environment.

Course Content

Day 1

This will include the following:

  • WIIFM is a workshop that looks at “what’s the point?”, it will support a learner to understand why they are embarking on this course, what they intend to get out of it and employment wise, what’s the plan?
  • It looks at what motivates them to go to work and what “work” looks like for them
  • This creates the basis of an employability plan that can also be shared with a mentor.

Career Planning – Objection setting for a future career:

  • This is also a great workshop to manage expectations and look at the levels of productivity and commitment is required to perform and achieve the goals and targets set in this plan
  • This can be constructed through imagery or words.
  • Look at application forms we have access to and send to employers
  • Speak to employers on the phone and be able to coach the learner through on a 1:1 basis.
  • Register with various agencies and look at possibilities of where the learner would like to complete work experience relevant to the career plan we did at the beginning of the project.
  • Employability Review
  • This will be a check point of CV’s, spec letter, cover letters and how to fill out an application.The importance of productivity to gain positive result
  • Managing difficult questions and looking at barriers to employment that the learner feels they have. Working out how to overcome them.
  • Review job expectations and wants so we have a clear idea of what sort of employers to engage with.
Day 2
Intensive Health and Safety learning in line with CSCS guidelines
Day 3
Intensive Health and Safety learning in line with CSCS guidelines
Day 4
Final preparation and CSCS Test and retests

Day 5

Feedback and Evaluation

  • This evaluation session is self-reflection
  • Look at what we have achieved
  • Updating CVs accordingly with achievements
  • Looking at what was gained, what can be improved and what is required to support the learner as part of the after care service.

Future Planning for Career Goals

  • Looking at the successful, their feedback and covering off the aftercare points.
  • Career planning and follow up of applications
  • Reviewing getting ready for work and preparing to start a job/placement.

Proven to Work

We successfully rolled out this one week course to HMP Rochester as a pilot scheme for 10 learners, with all 10 passing.

Each learner had been given 1 on 1 attention, and a Curriculum vitae has been produced. A complete work /education career path put in place.

What the Learners and Funders Said

The Funder

“The result is amazing getting 100% pass rate exceeded our expectations. Construct a Future have overcome the IT barrier of working in prisons and have given 10 men the opportunity to work in the construction industry”


The Establishment

“This is an area in the prison that is currently sadly lacking since careers service stopped being delivered as they used to arrange regular CSCS training. The CSCS card is an essential employment need for anyone seeking employment within the construction industry and as we have numerous Vocational courses delivered at HMP Rochester it is vital that this service is provided.”

Learning, Skills and Employment Manager

The Learner

“I can’t believe somebody paid for me to do this course and I have my CSCS card. Now when
they ask if I have one I can say yes and get the job.”

Learning, Skills and Employment Manager

The Typical Costs

Two day work ready assessment employment opportunity session (optional)


Three day Health and Safety training and paper based CSCS test (min) 
Charged for a min 10 learners /maximum 12 learners


Project Lead


CAF Admin Fee (10%)




If this of interest to you then please contact us. or call on 01634 829885 and ask for Charlotte